Backyard Intimate Wedding Eliot Maine – Crystal & Jack

Backyard Intimate Wedding  Eliot Maine – Crystal & Jack
Wedding Photographer Eliot Maine

Photographing this backyard intimate wedding in Eliot Maine was so much fun! When you’re planning your Maine wedding, the best locations are the ones that mean something to you as a couple. For instance, your wedding location could be a place you have visited or a town that holds a special meaning. This intimate wedding took place at the Bride’s Grandparent’s house located in Eliot, Maine. Surrounded by immediate family this couple tied the knot and were off to their new life as husband and wife. All backyards are not created equal and this one was full of charm and carefully curated garden’s by the Bride’s grandfather. Everywhere I turned on this beautiful property I saw an adorable spot tucked away perfect for wedding portraits.

For wedding details, the Bride’s mother put on her crafty hat. For example, she created her wedding cake and provided some adorable wedding favors that matched the Bride’s unique style. In another creative twist, she gave the bride and groom some new home decor to remember their wedding day going forward. I love a non traditional wedding so this one was definitely fun to photograph from the Bride’s unique floral wedding gown to the custom jewelry including the ‘Sword in The Stone’ / Heart of the Ocean’ bridal rings. Here are a few highlights from this wedding day….

Maine Wedding details backyard elopement
Pink hand tied wedding bouquet Eliot Maine
Heart of the Ocean Sword wedding rings
Pink Wedding Shoes Eliot Maine
Maine Wedding Ceremony backyard elopement here comes the bride
Wedding ceremony Eliot Maine smiling bride
Backyard Wedding Ceremony Eliot Maine
Eliot Maine Wedding Photographer Jack and Crystal
Wedding ceremony Southern Maine Jack & Crystal
Backyard intimate wedding Eliot Maine
First kiss bride and groom
Wedding photographer southern maine jenna doughtry
Eliot Maine Wedding bride and groom kiss
bride and groom impromptu dancing
Garden wedding kiss Eliot Maine
Crystal bridal portrait black and white
Wedding photography Southern Maine Crystal & Jack
Maine Wedding birdcage veil bride & groom
Wedding photographer Eliot Maine backyard garden
Alternative bride floral gown maine
Groom carries bride for a kiss in Maine
Maine Wedding Bride & Groom toast

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